Sustainable Public Procurement



The aim of this course is to provide participants with:

  • A clear understanding of how to start, implement or maintain a Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) programme

  • The capability to manage all aspects of the procurement process as it relates to SPP

Designed For:

This course is designed for those working in the public sector interested in obtaining a comprehensive understanding of sustainable public procurement. It is designed for procurement professionals as well as those closely working in the procurement process including programme and project staff. Specifically, it is relevant to those working with sustainability issues as managers, policy makers, procurement practitioners, requisitioners, clients, contract managers and/or contract review committee members etc


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for SPP

  • Identify key stakeholders in the SPP procurement process

  • Bring SPP from a concept into practical use

  • Integrating SPP in the public procurement processes, practices, and procedures

  • Use specifications to improve the sustainable outcome of the procurement process

  • Identify methods to improve sustainability of the supplier base

  • Understand how evaluation criteria can be used in SPP

  • Understand the methods and importance of contract management in the SPP process

Topics to be covered:

  • The principles of Sustainable Public Procurement

  • Strategic framework to implement an SPP programme

  • Understand SPP techniques and tools, including best practices and case studies

  • How SPP can be incorporated into the procurement process

  • How specification development plays a critical role in SPP

  • Using ecolabels and other standards to promote and achieve sustainability

  • What strategies can be used to improve SPP through the supplier selection process

  • How evaluation criteria improves SPP

  • How contract management requirements are important to the overall success of SPP


  • The course is designed to be highly interactive
  • Each module starts with an overview of the relevant theory, rules, policies and procedures – followed by case studies and group discussions
  • Participants will be working on challenging hands-on practical exercises and case studies with peers from other organizations and share best practices in public procurement
  • The course will also provide participants with the opportunity to discuss sustainability issues of procurement rules and regulations of the various UN and public organisations





$1475 USD per participant